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Our Responsibility

At OutSource Seismic we believe it is our responsibility to have a positive influence on the environmental and communities in which we live and work.  We have put into operation numerous procedures to avoid, minimize, and mitigate environmental impacts. These procedures are incorporated into all phases of our seismic programs, from planning and design, to field acquisitions and site reclamation. Through promoting best environmental practices, stewardship of the environment, and respect for local cultures, we strive to continually improve our environmental performance and to be a sustainable example in the seismic industry.


OutSource Seismic is committed to:

•  Complying with all applicable legislation requirements and industry standards.

•  Comprehensively assessing potential impacts and adopting the appropriate protective measures.

•  Managing and monitoring all activities that impact, or have the potential to impact the environment, water courses or
   other land users, and facilitate rehabilitation to limit such affects if they occur.

•  Avoiding activities, which have, or are likely to have, long-term significant impacts on ecological diversity, local
   communities, water courses or other land users.

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