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Seismic Design

OutSource Seismic retains a relationship with a geophysicist (APEGGA Geoph.I.T.) with experience in 2D and 3D program design. Designs are analyzed and adjusted based on variables including topographic constraints, existing lines, infrastructure and landowner concerns. At OutSource Seismic, we focus on recording methodologies and acquisition parameters to optimize data quality while managing cost effectiveness.


OutSource Seismic has program design experience on the plains, foothills, and frontier areas of Western and Northern Canada. 3D programs are modeled using the latest version of OMNI Workshop, allowing us to create a flexible and comprehensive design and analysis. OutSource Seismic is committed to providing a high level of service and technical support to design optimum solutions to achieve your program’s objectives.

•  2D, 3D, 3C, and 4D program design

•  Vibroseis parameter selection

•  Survey and data acquisition quality control

•  3D recording scripts for Aram, I/O and Sercel 408, 428


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