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OutSource Seismic began in Calgary, Alberta, Canada in March of 1996. With 19 years of experience, OutSource Seismic is your “Comprehensive Seismic Project Management” company with experienced staff and resources to provide the oil and gas industry with full service Seismic Project Management.


At OutSource, we focus on providing our clients with accurate state-of-the-art mapping, detailed government approval submissions, as well as optimum 2D, 3D, and 4D program designs. We also offer effective right-of-entry negotiations, competitive cost bids, in-depth cost tracking, and acquisition parameters designed to optimize data quality and maximize cost efficiencies.


OutSource has the knowledge, skill, and decades of industry experience to successfully manage many of today’s challenging seismic programs.





Road Use Notification

Pipeline Crossing Notification

Trapper Notifications

Start-up Meetings

Permitting / Right-of Entry

Permit Releasing

Final Plan Submissions

Line Clean-up

Letter of Clearance

Seismic Program Design



First Nation Consultation

Railroad Notification


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